Student FAQs

I'm living in a new place/dorm. Do I need to re-register to vote?
You will need to re-register if you are living at a different campus/part of Durham from the place you were registered when you voted last. If you are living on the same campus (e.g. you went from one dorm on East to another), you do NOT need to re-register. If you have moved from East Campus to West Campus and plan to vote in Durham, you will need to re-register. If you have moved to off-campus housing and plan to vote in Durham, you will also need to re-register at your new address.

I’m not living in North Carolina this fall. Can I still vote there?
You can register and vote in your home state. Your voting status in North Carolina is less clear. You can vote in North Carolina if you can prove “an intent to return” to the state. But it is unclear whether you can meet that standard if you do not have a current campus or off-campus North Carolina address. For more information, please refer to the NC Board of Elections’ statement:
Do I need a voter ID card?

Yes. Beginning with the 2023 municipal elections, North Carolina voters will be asked to provide photo identification when voting in-person or by absentee ballot. The North Carolina Board of Elections recently approved Duke University’s Student Voter ID Card as a valid form of identification for use at the polls. The Duke Student Voter ID Card is a physical card, separate from the DukeCard, and will be provided to Duke students for free upon request. Request a voter ID card here.

What is on the ballot?

If you are voting in North Carolina, you can find your sample ballot here

Click here for a non-partisan guide to what is on your North Carolina ballot.

What do I do if my question wasn't answered?

You can reach out to our Student Voting Coordinator, Pilar Kelly, at or

Do I need to update my registration if I've moved since I registered?
If you have moved from East to West campus, you will need to update your registration, as will people who have moved into off-campus housing.
What is my on-campus residential address?
  • If you live on East Campus, write 1 Duke University East Campus on Line 1 (Durham, NC 27708).
  • If you live on West Campus, write 1 Duke University West Campus on Line 1 (Durham, NC 27708).
  • If you live off campus (for example, at 300 Swift Avenue), write your street address.

If you wish to vote in Durham County and have moved since previously registering (for example, from East Campus to West Campus, West to East, on-campus to off, or off-campus to on), you will need to update your registration. You do not need to update your registration if you move dorms but stay on the same campus.

What is my on-campus mailing address?
  • If you live on East or West Campus, enter: [Your P.O. Box number] on Line 1, [Duke University] on Line 2, and [Durham, NC 27708] on Line 3.
  • If you live off campus, write your street address.

Faculty & Staff FAQs

Can I take time off to go vote?
Yes. Staff who are registered voters and unable to vote outside of regular work hours should be granted scheduled time off with or without pay. Time with pay can be granted for up to two (2) hours with payment occurring through vacation or the Short-Term Bank for the purpose of voting in local, municipal, state, or national elections. This time off will be scheduled by a supervisor at either the beginning or the end of the work period or at other times more advantageous to the maintenance of a department’s or unit’s work schedule.
If I am on Duke staff, can I use email, social media, Zoom, or any other work accounts for political campaigning?
No.University staff accounts should not be used for convening or attending political meetings, events or fundraisers or the distribution of campaign messages, petitions, and similar material.
May I invite political candidates or their representatives to participate in educational activities?
Only if the appearance furthers the educational or academic mission of Duke in accordance with the policy regarding the use of University facilities/resources found in Appendix S of the Faculty Handbook here. Fundraising on campus, or virtually using Duke resources, is not permitted. Duke’s policies on voting, political activity, and engagement with government officials can be found here.

Please contact Doug Heron  ( in State Relations or Chris Simmons ( in Government Relations if you plan to extend an invitation.